what-EVER! All Purpose Plant Based Natural Cleaner


A natural cleaner that is plant based and proven time after time to out perform leading chemical cleaners and yet safe as what great grandmother used. As seen on shark tank, What-Ever cleaner from the great folks at Better Life.

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Product Description


What ever all purpose natural cleaner is a wonderful safe natural cleaner to use in your home around your family and pets. This is the famous all purpose cleaner from shark tank that the judges fought over. Not only does it clean better then leading chemical household cleaners but it was safe enough for one of the owner to spray in his mouth. The reason I use this product is because the owners stand by it, I figure if it’s safe enough for the owner to spray in his mouth being a chemist then it’s safe enough for my counter tops and my kids who constantly touch it.

Named appropriately, What-Ever natural cleaner cleans what ever you want. You can use it on any washable non-porous surface like counter tops, sinks, baseboards, chairs, tables, tubs, showers, walls,appliances, shower stall, tough toothpaste clumps, coffee spills, even tough stove stains, etc. Use it on tough stains on clothes or rugs and then toss them into the washing machine.

Simple turn the nozzle to the ON position, aim and spray and start wiping away. This natural cleaner is plant based. As a parent I teach my children to clean and never trust they will always wear gloves. Especially when they are rushing to do something after, I need to be sure they are foremost safe so a natural cleaner was required for my house.

Of all the Better Life natural cleaners this one carries the lion share of the clean detail. I use it in the bathroom, kitchen, potting rooms and in the store. having 3 boys What-ever took of the crayons and scuffs. I have a son that rubs his hands on the walls everywhere he goes. Thanks to this Natural Cleaner I’ve reclaimed my wall but also left no residue that will hurt him long term.

Scented with sage and citrus this natural cleaner leaves the room with a wonderful scent.

What the Better Life Episode of Shark Tank  here:


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