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Mini Hallelujah Floating Mountains Real Pot


Mini Hallelujah Floating Mountains Real kokedama sting garden single pot. These pots are not planted so you can design your own landscape mimicing the real floating mountains of China.


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Each floating mountains real pot is unique, made in the USA  approximately 8″-10″ long with a small 2″ pot planting space. Perfect for a mini garden and platform space perfect for sheet moss. Make your own floating mountain real scape for your home or office.

Floating Mountain Styles:

Inline – From the top the pot will be in line with terminating platform ends
C shape – From the top the pot will have a curve. Edges sloped down to increase 3D benefits.
Random – Anything but symmetrical! basically any random organic shape the mountain artist feels like making at the moment
These are solid hanging pots used for string gardening, making floating mountain scapes, floating fairy gardens and kokedama. These pots are embedded with peat moss for a natural eroded look, wicking moisture(slow release to plants) and as a moss planting surface. You have an option to have a hole in the side of the pot for planting draping moss plugs. The pots are prebalanced and already attached to see through line for hanging. Approximate weight 5lbs. Select if you want a drainage hole or not depending on what your planting and where you are hanging. Watering is easy with a mister. Pots are all unique, handmade, one of a kind and made in the USA with mostly local materials. These pots can be repotted at anytime by removing the plant and soil inside the pot.

Inspired by Zhangjiajie National Forest Park our floating mountain real pot will grow and amazes your guests. The Zhangjiajie forest was renamed to the Avatar National Forest Park after the movie Avatar demonstrating there hallelujah floating mountain of pandora. You can certainly put a fake plant in your pot however it has a much more exciting affect to have a floating mountain real planted pot.
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