12″ Hallelujah Floating Mountains Kokedama 2 Pot


Hallelujah Floating Mountain kokedama sting garden 2 pot with bridge style. Similar to the the floating mountains in China and Pandora our floating pots give you a zen like relaxation and fun way to grow. Hallelujah floating mountains can be hung indoors or out and both.


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Our version of hallelujah floating mountains are lightweight and includes heavy mon0-filament
line for hanging. Each pot has drainage and is roughly 12″ x 8″ in size. Each hallelujah floating mountains is unique,
covered in peat moss and comes in all shapes.

Best if displayed in grouped in front of a window. The pot sizes are approx 4″x 4″.

The pots are made with light weight natural green cement. All other plants for bonsai, succulents, fairy plants etc will do great with minimal care. We have grown annuals, bonsai and tropicals indoors and outside in our Hallelujah Floating Mountains so just ask if you have a question.

Turn your mountain into a floating fairy mountain by adding fairy accessories. Floating fairy garden hallelujah floating mountains will keep the fairies coming back because… hello they fly ;-). We like to use sheet moss for full sun or bonsai or floating fairy scapes because it last longer in a green hue then many mosses.

Multiple hallelujah floating mountains type pots can be hung in a single window to create a mystical view looking out or into any window. You can use any string type to hang the pots, we prefer mono-filament because it blends into the background easiest keeping your landscaped designed the focus. In displays we use clear, green or blue depending on the lighting and color of the room.  Grow be any means possible my friends.

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