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Aparently a Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine go up with Blood Pressure


We have been told for decades eating fat is the culprit in making blood pressure go up causing heart disease, strokes, heart attacks etc. However for almost a decade now research has indicated that fat is not the culprit in study after study pointing towards “added sugar”. Heart disease is the #1 killer in America which is caused by adding sugar to foods. Why is there no major announcement? Where is the outrage? Where are the moms breaking sugar bowls? The public is largely unaware sugar is filling graves blaming fat and eating food high in cholesterol as the cause.

While I love conspiracies about overpopulation and letting the herds lack of knowledge reduce itself… the fact is statin drugs bring in 100’s of billions of dollars and almost single handily prop up the massive pharmaceutical industry. It’s no conspiracy but a business plan that spent millions to develop a line of drugs called statins that disable the liver to reduce cholesterol levels was solid. The statins drugs are already under fire because of the long term affects of disabling the livers natural enzyme production.  The links between low cholesterol and brain damage, Alzheimers and dementia and pretty damning on there own. But if the larger population became aware that not only the danger of statins but the fact they do not increase life span would collapse this overpraised industry. That knowledge would fuel the growing distrust of drug use for health improvement, that drug companies have only the interest of addicting America to their products.

Research shows Sugar as root cause of CVD
Research shows Sugar as root cause of CVD

Science shows that Cholesterol spikes with the intake of sugar because sugar causes a release of inflammatory compounds which cause damage in the vascular walls precipitating damage in the artery walls resulting in heart disease. There is no debate any longer that sugar causes heart disease, no scientific debate anyway so the message is reduce your sugar intake immediately. Stop trusting the almost century old myth that eating fat makes you fat. A myth becomes a lie when it is proven false, which is all well an good if lives are not at stake.

Life Change for your Family:

Remove the sugar bowl from your home and reduce significantly or stop buying sweets with added sugar. Me personally I will still eat the occasional deadly apple pie or horrible twinkie but no longer lie to myself that any amount is acceptable. I believe Michael Pollans food rules that we have to know when to break the rules but also know the truth and feed our kids on that knowledge. We all pick our poisons but it’s only a tragedy if you aren’t aware what the poisons are and raise your kids with killer eating habits.

Example of products with added sugars:
sugar-sweetened beverages like regular soft drinks,
sugars and candy
grain-based desserts such as cakes cookies, and pies,
fruit drinks (fruitades and fruit punch),
dairy desserts and milk products including ice cream, sweetened yogurt, and sweetened milk,
other grain based foods such as cinnamon toast and honey-nut waffles

So apparently not only does a spoonful of sugar make the medicine go down but it is the sugar that makes the medicine necessary except it’s ineffective.

Topic Specialist Quotes:

“Everyone focuses on cholesterol with heart disease. Cholesterol is found at the scene of the crime but it is not the culprit. Sugar is the villian in heart disease.” Steven Sinatra M.D Cardiologist Author of The Great Cholesterol Myth

“Obesity is such that this generation of children could be the first basically in the history of the United States to live less healthful and shorter lives than their parents,” said Dr. David S. Ludwig, director of the obesity program at Children’s Hospital Boston

“And more and more studies and reports were coming out demonstrating that the real initiators of damage in the arteries were oxidation and inflammation, with cholesterol more or less in the role of innocent bystander. Oxidation and inflammation, along with sugar and stress (more on that in chapters 4 and 8), were clearly what aged the human body the most.”  Jonny Bowden, The Great Cholesterol Myth

“Low-fat had become the new mantra of the times, something we like to call the “Snackwell Phenomenon.” Food companies rushed to create low-fat versions of every food imaginable, all marketed as “heart-healthy,” with no cholesterol. (No one seemed to notice that manufacturers replaced the missing fat with tons of sugar and processed carbs, both of which are far more dangerous to our hearts than fat ever was.)”  Jonny Bowden, The Great Cholesterol Myth

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Kenyatte Hay
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“The exciting time we live in allows for horrible yet lifesaving data through chronic illness deaths to save as many children as we can through no longer accepting the notion our ancestors tried and tested ways worked. Standing the test of time they could not have been the bumbling idiots marketing promoted. The natural green industry is a multi billion dollar industry based on the proof our grandparents weren’t a crazy as we thought and their handed down knowledge and practices we tossed out were actually life saving.” Kenyatte Hay
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